MarSurf XCR 20

  • Marsurf XC 20 + MarSurf XR 20 =
    MarSurf XCR 20 – the MarSurf XCR 20 combines the functions of the XC 20 and the XR 20 in a single unit.
  • This saves both space and time.

• Space because both drive units (MarSurf PCV 200 contour drive
unit and GD 25 roughness drive unit) can be adapted using the
corresponding combi-mount on the ST 500 or ST 750 measuring
• High-precision contour and roughness evaluation with the
MarSurf LD 120 measuring system on components requiring a
large stroke and very high resolution
• Option of rapidly switching between roughness and contour
measurements thanks to straightforward changeover within the
software platform and changing of mechanical components such as drive unit and probe