MarSurf XC 2 MarWin

  • For entry-level, high-precision contour measurement
  • Fast, straightforward, cost-effective 2D contour measuring systems are increasingly winning out over other systems.

Measuring and evaluating geometries of workpieces and tools that are relevant for correct functioning is one of the primary requirements of research, technology and industry. The tried-and-tested, user-friendly MarSurf XC 2 is the best example of this. Not only does it meet all requirements in terms of accuracy and different evaluation criteria, it also delivers reliable results time after time.

Creates regression straight lines and circles
Creates points, intersection points, free points, center points, maximum and minimum points
Determines radii, distances, angles, coordinates and line form deviations
Performs nominal/actual comparisons
Tolerance monitoring
Associative elements, i.e. immediate change to variables dependent on reference elements when changes occur
User access rights using password protection prevents incorrect operation
Excellent calibration procedure thanks to many years’ experience, i.e. including geometry calibration, measuring force calibration, compensation of the deflection, etc.
Stability and rigidity of the pick-ups
The drive unit is very smooth to run, highly stable and extremely accurate