Measuring stand MarSurf ST 750 D

New measuring station option for large workpieces

Diameter – Distances – Contours

Now we’re measuring “big”

Contour metrology from Mahr has been successfully used by hundreds of customers worldwide for decades. Due to many excellent customer solutions, many of them patented, contour metrology has undergone many important developments. Mahr was the first manufacturer of contour metrology offering the possibility of measurements with a twin stylus with simultaneous switching of the measuring force. This makes it possible not only to measure contours in one tracing direction but also to perform upside down measurements, thus enabling pairs of opposed profiles to be recorded and set off against each other, for diameter measurements, for example.

Today we are proud to present to you a decisive development that builts upon these possibities. in connection with the measuring stand MarSurf ST 750 D the emasuring stations UD120 / LD120 as well as XC 20CNC.