MarSurf MDR 2

The MarSurf MDR 2 fixture allows for stable surface finish measurements without the need for positional adjustment of the surface finish measurement instrument on flat surfaces. In addition, the MarSurf MDR 2 completely protects the surface finish drive unit from damage in harsh manufacturing environments and enables fast and easy setups for measuring surface finish in a production type environment. The MarSurf MDR 2 is ideal when measuring overhead or on non-horizontal surfaces where setup of the instrument in normally problematic. Operation is simple; simply position the unit on the surface to be measured and the depress the start button on the M300C amplifier to obtain a measurement.

• Built with a rugged aluminum construction with a measurement stylus guard and a cable strain relief to insure long life of the instrument
• A Handle that completely encapsulates the measurement drive
unit, providing total protection to this critical component
• A calibration stand that also provides storage for the unit
when not in use
• Has a wide range of portable surface finish measurement applications
Is easy to use in shop floor environments
• The fixture allows automatic measurement probe positioning
requiring no adjustment by an operator
• Can obtain measurements up to 18mm in length