MarSurf MBF 2

The MarSurf  MBF 2 surface finish gage is designed to enable fast and easy and hands free surface finish measurements in bores in a shop floor environment without the need for gage setup.  The MarSurf MBF 2 ensures that the surface finish measurement probe is in the correct measurement position and orientation for measurements without the need for operator technique.  Probe protection is provided during insertion and removal into the bore area. Its modular design also enables fast and easy setups for measuring surface finish in bores in a production type environment.

Standard equipment used for operation:
• Model M300C surface finish evaluation unit.
• RD-18C linear drive unit
• PHT 6-350 Probe with 2 micron (0.00008”) diamond radius, PHT 6-350 Probe with 5 micron (0.0002”) diamond radius or PHT
6-350 Probe with 10 micron (0.0004”) diamond radius
• 80mm probe extension for PHT type measurement probes
• PRN-10 roughness standard

The MarSurf MBF 2 can be used for anywhere bores requiring surface finish must be measured. Many applications include (but not limited to) the following:
Engine blocks:
• Crankshaft bore sensor hole
• Dipstick hole
• Crankshaft Bores
• Water pump bore
• Freeze plug bore (pre-pressing of plug)
• Pilot bore on end of crankshaft
Connecting rods:
• Pin bores
• Crank Bores
Cylinder heads:
• Camshaft bores
• Manufacturing pilot bores
• Fuel Pump Lifer Bores
• OCV bores
• Cup Plug bores