MarSur MCR 1

For the measurement of deep bores or sleeves requiring surface roughness measurements, the new MarSurf® MCR 1 is the ideal solution for a normally difficult application. Utilizing the M300C Surface Finish Inspection System, this unit enables an operator to precisely measure surface finish of a deep cylindrical bore.

• Auto sizing feature with a range of 3.1mm (0.125”) for bores
starting at 47.0mm (1.850”) in diameter.
• Part cleaning prior to measurement (on models for 56mm
bores or larger).
• High clamping force for stable measurements.
• Designed specifically for the measurement application.
• Integrated mechanical stop/handle assembly with fixed depth
indicator for repeatable gage positioning.
• Automatic pneumatic probe retraction during insertion/removal into bore area
•Measurement depth capability of 100mm (3.93”) through
500mm (19.68”).
• Calibration/fixture stand with fixed calibration master
Cable strain relief.
• One button operation.
• Non-marring Delrin® construction.
• Quick air connection for mobility on the shop floor.
• The Fixture body completely encapsulates the drive unit and
measurement stylus, providing total protection to these critical
• Automatic probe protection means the probe is only exposed
during the measurement cycle.
• Standardized components allow for quick delivery and easy