3D CMM XOrbit 55

The WENZEL XOrbit is the ideal coordinate measuring machine, wherever the core aspects of measuring are required and where rapidity and ease of use are in demand. It can be used for checking incoming goods and throughout the production cycle until final inspection since it fulfils all major demands. Whether for individual or serial measurements, XOrbit is suitable for universal applications.

The XOrbit 55 is WENZEL’s global CMM and is our most price efficient CNC model. It is a cost effective derivative of the world´s renowned WENZEL LH series. XOrbit utilizes the industry standard Renishaw heads, touch probe and scanning probes.

XOrbit is the perfect CMM for companies purchasing their initial coordinate measuring machine, considering a 2nd user unit, or for the larger production operations needing to distribute multiple CMM’s. XOrbit has the optimum price/performance values.

Features and Benefits

  • Touch Probe & Scanning Applications
  • Granite CMM structure for optimum thermal stability
  • Wide air bearing spread for improved stability
  • Once piece thick granite base plate hand lapped to DIN 876/0 ensures uniform heat distribution
  • Integral Y axis guide-way machined integral into one piece granite plate improves CMM accuracy and repeatability
  • Bellows covers fitted to Y axis for the dirt protection