The RAX is the new state-of-the-art CNC horizontal arm CMM from the well-tried WENZEL R-Series and has been developed in close cooperation with one of the world´s leading car manufacturers. The RAX can be supplied with touch trigger, scanning or optical probe systems and is especially suitable for accurate measuring of high and large components. The innovative system can easily be used in the production environment.

The standard version of the RAX offers a large measuring range of 3100 mm in Z-Axis. The Y-Axis has a standard length of 1600 mm in single – or 3000 mm in duplex version. Due to the mirror-image structure of the duplex version the measuring range in X-Axis will optimally be utilized. Depending on the probe system the measuring range starts directly above the base plate in Z-Axis. The high-precision linear guideways in all axes meet the steady increasing demands of precision measurement technology. The X-axis guideways are integrated at floor-level into the base plate. This design allows the RAX to be fitted with heavy components to complete vehicles. The drives have been optimized based on the well-tried WENZEL technology for the new construction. The RAX can be equipped with multiple touch probes and software modules.

Mobile control elements are optional and available for maximum flexibility and ergonomics. Options such as the dynamic temperature compensation or active pneumatic vibration damping are also available for the new RAX.

Features and Benefits

  • Touch Probe and Optical inspection applications
  • Integrated processing and control unit
  • The self-maintaining high precision rod drive is wear-free
  • Motion path blending optimization for cycle time reduction and smoother motion
  • Optional Pneumatic vibration isolation system
  • Steel band way covers provide protection and are man walkeable
  • Bellow covers to Z-axis for dirt protection
  • Friction wheel drive unit provides collision and overload protection