The RA is a CNC horizontal arm CMM and can be supplied with touch trigger, scanning or optical probe systems. The RA is mainly used in the automotive and supplier industries, tool and die making and for gauges and fixtures. The machines are also shop hardened allowing for their installation close to the point of production.

The mechanical bearing of the RA series are top mounted. This design allows the easy placement of heavy components up to complete vehicles on the CMM. Linear guideways ensure precise movement in the X axis; precision rollers support the Y and Z axes. The machines are available in duplex configuration (RAD) increasing Y measuring volume. The extremely stable steel band protection system prolongs the life of the working parts of the RA measuring machine. The arms can work individually or in a joint coordinate system. The machine designs are modular allowing the machines to be build to suit an applications precise measuring volume.

Mobile control elements are optionally available for maximum flexibility and ergonomics. The RA series is characterized by design simplicity, easy maintenance and high robustness. The RA can also be operated manually. This allows for example the marking of models in mould making and design.

Features and Benefits

  • Touch Probe, Laser Scanning, Optical and Milling Applications
  • Standard and Premium accuracy model available for different accuracy requirements
  • High precision encapsulated Linear Guideways bearings on X and Z for extended life
  • Optional pneumatic disengageable drive allowing manual operation
  • Y Arm produced from carbon fibre with bonded hardened steel bearing surfaces for reduced mass, increased rigidity and less thermal distortion
  • Scale mounted on underside of arm to eliminate contamination
  • Duplex models have 100 mm arm overlap
  • Motion path blending optimization for cycle time reduction and smoother motion
  • Optional Pneumatic vibration isolation system